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People who waste time waiting for all the perfect conditions to fall into place never get anything done.
The ideal time for action is now!

Mark Fisher


We are a young temporary employment agency focused on activities aimed at both the employer and the employee. We connect people with work - acting in two ways: on the one hand, we help jobseekers find their place on the market, and on the other, we support companies by filling their staff shortages with our employees.

We specialize in recruiting and leasing employees from Asia and Africa. National borders are not an obstacle for us, because we have implemented a proprietary system that allows us to recruit foreigners, no matter how far they are from us.

We are a team of competent and talented specialists with heads full of ideas. We prepare comprehensive and fully tailored solutions, both for companies and individuals, providing professional service.


Our duty is to shorten the recruiting process and facilitate contact among employer and employee by saving your time and confining effort and involvement to the minimum.

How to understand the comprehensive recruitment process?

  • With our Client we profile the perfect candidate
  • We launch searching for employee procedure
  • We verify employee's proficiency
  • We carry legalisation of stay formalities out
  • We support employer as well as employee on each step of recruitment

What makes us special?

We assist Employer in the process of hiring and introducing an employee to new duties. Our coordinators help the Employer communicate with the employee and they support the Employer in any challenges that arise during work. We translate, we explain and we solve problems.


We specialise in recruiting employees from Asia and Africa. It is a demanding market due to legal regulations and cultural background. Our experience allowed us to develop effective recruitment methods. Constant contact with people living in Asian and African countries allowed us to understand their needs, their work organisation and cultural backgrounds.

Due to our active presence in the mentioned areas, we have the opportunity to provide you specialists, senior and junior level employees who will prove themselves in your company.


Employee is the most valuable to the company. If you are looking for a recruitment agency, for which you are the most important part of the hiring process — come to us!

We provide multiple services, e.g:

  • Advice relevant looking for a job
  • Job offers
  • Helpful tips for job interview
  • Linguistic assistance — including opportunity to complete the course adjusted to your needs and possibilities
  • Support on all levels of recruitment process and during the job

Why us?

We are close to our candidates at every stage of their professional career, we help them in everyday life, we support them. We are always with them!


In the Polish legal system, the condition for a foreigner to start working is to legalise the stay in our country. The procedure is complicated, especially for people from countries outside the EU. The first step on the way to employment in Poland is obtaining a work permit. The document enables the launching of further procedures related to the legalisation of stay.

What documents allow the legal stay of foreigner

  • Visa
  • Biometric passport — in case of citizens of some countries visa-free short-term stay in Poland is possible
  • Permanent or temporary residence permit

What underlying documents legalise the stay of foreigner in Poland?

  • Work permit (in the Polish law occur 6 types of permissions)
  • Residence and work permit
  • Declaration confirming the employment and performing the work (only for citizens of Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation and Ukraine)

What are our duties?

  • After the consultation with Client we settle forms of the needed permissions.
  • We prepare all documents needed for legalisation of the stay of the foreigner.
  • We support employee in obtaining work permit appropriate for type of employment.
  • We help the employee throughout the legalisation process up to the collection of the necessary documents.